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Submit all orders to this email, unless you have ordered online

Update needs, loan amount changes, loan number,
tax inquires, lender info, CPLs or ETA of title package

Title Clearing questions, QCD requests, Divorce

Lender docs, broker docs and CD Questions

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Escalation Contacts


Gabby Laux, National Closing Manager

[email protected]

(801) 410-1992 ext. 130

Purchase Closings

Kristen Jorgensen, National Purchase Manager

[email protected]

(801) 410-1992 ext. 168


Tammy Taylor, National Funding Manager

[email protected]

(678) 797-0224 ext. 106

Title Clearing

Rhett Busk, National Clearing Manager

[email protected]

(801) 410-1992 ext. 142

Post Closing

Louise Tomcho, National Recording Manager

[email protected]

(678) 797-0224 ext. 116


Kyle Ayoso, Packages Manager

[email protected]

(678) 797-0224 ext. 109

Accounts Payable & Auditing

Peter Krausert, Accounts Payable & Auditing Manager

[email protected]

(801) 410-1992 ext. 111

Second Level Escalation

Bryce Ayoso
[email protected]
(801) 410-1992

Corey Hulbert
[email protected]
(321) 474-5569

Brian Lemke
[email protected]
(801) 898-8182